Exporting MemberPress Data

IMPORTANT NOTE: MemberPress does not currently allow you to export any files, including the ones outlined on this page or that you get from another system or plugin, and then immediately import those exact same files through our Importer. You have to make sure the files you are using ONLY use our allowed column headers and all entries are correctly formatted. To review allowed column headers and formatting, please see each individual import page as found here.

Should you need to export any of your MemberPress data, you can use the "Export as CSV" option found at the bottom of the Members, Subscriptions, Transactions, and Reports pages of the MemberPress plugin. 

Please note that these exports cannot currently be customizable, so when exporting, you get all data associated with that file type. 

Beta Export Option

We also currently support the follow beta export features to allow you to export active or inactive users with their user and subscription info.

All you need to do is add these paths to the end of your site domain to download a csv file:

Active users:


Inactive users: