Creating a Coupon

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Below, the various coupon settings are explained.

Coupon Code - This field will be auto-populated with a randomly generated coupon code (0QW06N4XZ9 as shown in the screenshot above for example). Change the coupon code here if needed. Coupon codes should NOT contain spaces, quotes, or any other non alpha-numeric symbol. Only alphanumeric characters, hyphens, or underscores should be used.

Discount - The discount that will be applied to every billing for recurring subscriptions or if one-time payment, then the discount will apply just to that one payment. Can be any percent (%) or fixed amount. For example, if you enter a discount of 10%, and the coupon is used for a monthly subscription, the 10% discount will be applied to every months billing for the life of the subscription. If the subscription is only a one-time payment, then the discount will only be applied to the first (and only) payment.

Usage Count. - This is the number of times this coupon can be used. Defaults to unlimited (∞) times. Enter any whole number, entering a zero makes it unlimited. For example, if you enter five here, then that means that five users can use the coupon. If a sixth user attempts to use it, no discount will be applied. It is not currently possible to prevent a single user from using the coupon more than once.

Discount Mode - Coupons support 3 different types of discounts. They are explained below

  • Standard - The % or fixed Discount applies to each payment for the duration of the members subscription.
  • First Payment Only - The % or fixed Discount applies only to the first payment cycle of a recurring subscription. So for example if you have a Monthly membership that is normally $50 / month, but you want to discount 50% off the first payment only. You'd set the Discount to 50% and set the Discount Mode to "First Payment Only". The user would then be billed $25 for the first month, and $50 each month afterwards. This option only works on recurring Membership subscriptions. This option will do the first payment as a trial period on the Subscription. So if your Subscription has a 14 day free trial, users signing up with this coupon would not get the 14 day free trial as the coupon would override that.
  • Trial Period Override - Similar to the First Payment Only option above, this option allows you to override the recurring Membership's trial period days and amount.

Expire Coupon - Enable this option if you would like your coupon to expire. After the set date, any user who attempts to use the coupon will not be given the discount. Coupons always expire Midnight UTC on the date you choose.

Apply coupon to the following Memberships - Here you can select which memberships the coupon will be applicable to. Only published memberships will show here. To select or deselect multiple memberships, simply hold the Control Key (Command Key on the Mac) and then make your selections. 

Associate an Affiliate - This setting will only appear if you have our plugin Affiliate Royale (a download can be found on your Activate > Addons page of MemberPress), actively enabled on your site. Check the box to enable the setting, and then enter in the username of the affiliate you would like to associate this coupon with. Doing so will make it so any time the coupon is used, the entered affiliate will get a commission on the sale. 


If you would like to see a couple of great examples of using MemberPress coupons, then please check out our Coupons Case Examples page.