Known Plugin and Theme conflicts and incompatibilities

MemberPress works great with just about every plugin and theme (though we may not integrate with all of them)! 

Below, however, is a list of known plugin and theme conflicts. Please review this list for the plugin or theme you are wondering about.


Astra Theme

Avada Theme

  • PROBLEM - Course card image does not display on the "My Courses" or "All Courses" page.
  • SOLUTION - Go to Avada->Options->Performance and set "Lazy Loading" to "None"
  • PROBLEM - Pages with the Registration Form Shortcode don't work.
  • SOLUTION - Add the following code snippet either in a child theme functions.php or with a plugin like CodeSnippets (set as run everywhere). Replace the [PageId] with the page that has the shortcode on it, and [MembershipId] with the id of the memberships the registration form is for. (This is the same id you put in the shortcode.)
    function mepr_custom_product_pages($return, $post) {
      if($post->ID == [PageId]) {
        return new MeprProduct([MembershipId]);
    add_filter('mepr-is-product-page', 'mepr_custom_product_pages', 10, 2);

BuddyBoss Theme

  • PROBLEM - Theme overrides translation to a foreign language provided by MemberPress. For instance, the registration form is back in English.
  • SOLUTION - Use the Loco Translate plugin to translate those strings directly in the theme.
  • PROBLEM - Setting the "Restrict site access to only logged-in members" overrides the MemberPress "Redirect unauthorized visitors to a specific URL" functionality. 
  • SOLUTION - Leave the "Restrict site access to only logged-in members" if you want to use the redirect on unauthorized access. 
  • PROBLEM - Using the BuddyBoss theme with the MemberPress Gifting Add-On causes fatal errors. 
  • SOLUTION - Use Single Page Checkout, which can be activated under MemberPress->Settings->Accounts

Cargo HUB - Transportation and Logistics WordPress Theme

  • PROBLEM - When the theme is active, it will add the "Expires on" column in the MemberPress > Members section, which will occasionally have mangled data.
  • SOLUTION - Comment out line 252 of the theme's functions.php file. You'll have to fix the mangled expiration dates manually.

Daily Observer Theme

  • PROBLEM - When the theme is active, the Stripe Credit Card form fails to load. This is caused by a custom jQuery script in the theme that runs and attempts to fix iframe z-index values for older IE browsers.
  • SOLUTION - Comment out the iframe code in the /observer/js/observer-scripts.js file, or contact the theme author for a proper fix. Stripe's Credit Card form (Stripe Elements) is an embedded form that uses iframes, which is why the script interferes.

Kalium Theme

  • PROBLEM - When activated, the Register button doesn't work.
  • SOLUTION - None available at this time other than switching theme.

Memberoni Theme

  • PROBLEM - Stripe payments do not complete and the message "An error occurred, please DO NOT submit the form again as you may be double charged. Please contact us for further assistance instead" pops up upon the registration form submission.
  • SOLUTION - Update the theme to version 1.8 or newer.

Newspaper Theme

  • PROBLEM - Stripe payments fail when the tagDiv Composer plugin is activated. Other themes that come with tagDiv Composer bundled may run into the same issue.
  • SOLUTION - Please add this code snippet using Code Snippets or a similar plugin, or to the functions.php file of the theme or child theme if you have it installed:
  • PROBLEM - If you use custom templates (post templates) created with their tool/plugin "tagdiv Composer" and their "Cloud templates" with custom settings you'll run into an issue with MemberPress plugin generates a protected page with excerpt only without a title of a post and styles.
  • SOLUTION - Please update the theme to version 11.3 or newer.

Salient - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

  • PROBLEM - When the Enable Fancy Select/Checkbox/Radio Styling option found in this theme's Theme Options > Form Styling is enabled, the geolocation required to auto-populate and fill the default country and state address fields fails. 
  • SOLUTION - Disable that setting.

ThimPress Themes

  • PROBLEM - When a theme developed by ThimPress is active, the registration process will not send users to the payment page, but will redirect the user away from the registration process, usually to your home page. 
  • SOLUTION - Add this custom code to a plugin like My Custom Functions or your theme's functions.php file:
function disable_user_register_mepr() {
  remove_action('user_register', 'thim_register_extra_fields', 1000);
add_filter('mepr-validate-signup', 'disable_user_register_mepr');

VideoRev Theme

  • PROBLEM - It's not possible to integrate MemberPress with full functionality in the VideoRev theme. The theme author wasn't able to make it work.
  • SOLUTION - None available at this time other than switching theme.

Zion Page Builder

  • Theme's like Kallyas which use Zion Page Builder to build their membership pages need to make sure the [mepr-membership-registration-form] shortcode is in BOTH the page builder and the regular page content.


404 Redirection

  • PROBLEM - When the 404 Redirection plugin is activated, the tabs on the Account page do not work.
  • SOLUTION - Disable the force current permalinks option here:

All In One WP Security & Firewall

  • PROBLEM - Members cannot log in after registering and logging out if the MemberPress Math CAPTCHA add-on is enabled.
  • SOLUTION - Disable Enable CAPTCHA On Login Page option in the Brute Force > Login CAPTCHA tab of the All In One WP Security & Firewall plugin.

Asset CleanUp: Page Speed Booster

  • PROBLEM - When used together with LearnDash, prevents saving any changes in the LearnDash tab of a MemberPress membership.
  • SOLUTION - The issue could be caused by JavaScript/jQuery minification/combination. If no solution can be found by tweaking JavaScript settings, disable the plugin.

CoursePress (WPMUdev)

Curation Suite

  • PROBLEM - JavaScript conflict prevents selecting auto-complete items in the MemberPress Rules.
  • SOLUTION - None available. You can disable either of these plugins while you set up your MemberPress Rules, then re-enable it afterwards.

Defender Pro (WPMUdev)

  • PROBLEM - When a user clicks on the "forget password" link the user will be redirected to the homepage rather than being allowed to "request password reset".
  • SOLUTION - None known at this time aside from deactivating the Defender Pro Plugin.

Email Protector

  • PROBLEM - When activated, PayPal Standard will not work.
  • SOLUTION - Don't use the Email Protector for protecting email addresses.

Force SSL Everywhere plugin

  • PROBLEM - The Force SSL Everywhere plugin overrides the user's login process and redirects them to wp-login.php. This causes the MemberPress registration process to fail, and no transaction is created for the member.
  • SOLUTION - None known at this time. Contacting your host for help configuring your domain for 100% https is a much more efficient method.

Invisible ReCAPTCHA

  • PROBLEM - When activated, password resets do not work. Usually, the member will see a blank page or an error when trying to reset their password.
  • SOLUTION - None known at this time aside from disabling the Invisible ReCAPTCHA plugin.

iThemes Security plugin

  • PROBLEM - PayPal Standard return after payment shows a blank page.
  • SOLUTION - Disable the "Filter Long URL Strings" in iTheme's System Tweaks settings page.
  • PROBLEM - The login page shows an "Error: Invalid username, email address or incorrect password." error.
  • SOLUTION - Make sure that the default "Email Address and Username (default)" option is selected in the Security > Settings > WordPress Tweaks > Login with Email Address or Username option.
  • PROBLEM - A customer gets this message when trying to pay through Stripe: "An error occured, please DO NOT submit the form again as you might be double charged. Please contact us for further assistance instead."
  • SOLUTION - The cause of this error is the Enforce Strong Passwords option in iThemes Security while a customer is using a "weak" password. There are several ways to handle this, you can pick the one you like best:

You can disable that option, or adjust the role that the strong password will be applied to if you have the Pro version of the plugin.

Alternatively, you can enable and require a strong Password in MemberPress > Settings > Account tab. 

However, there could be a mismatch between what's considered a "strong password" in MemberPress and iThemes Security, so bear that in mind.

Finally, if you have the free version of the plugin, you can add this line to your website's wp-config.php file:


That will completely remove the password security module from the iThemes Security plugin.


  • PROBLEM - The login page shows a math CAPTCHA that can never be solved.
  • SOLUTION - Disable the "Block Suspicious login activity" setting in Jetpack's security section.
  • PROBLEM - After logging in through the MemberPress login page, a user gets redirected to the WordPress login page.
  • SOLUTION - Disable login option in Jetpack.

  • PROBLEM - Images and videos not appearing in MemberPress Courses.
  • SOLUTION - Disable the "Lazy Loading for Images" setting in Jetpack's performance section.

  • PROBLEM - Embedded videos cover text underneath in MemberPress courses.
  • SOLUTION Disable the "Compose using shortcodes to embed media from popular sites" setting in Jetpacks' writing section.


  • PROBLEM - LearnDash Courses not being added when a membership is purchased
  • SOLUTION - This would happen if you have issues with Cron on your hosting. Please add this code snippet using Code Snippets or a similar plugin, or to the functions.php file of the child theme if you have it installed:
add_filter( 'learndash_memberpress_min_courses_count_for_silent_course_enrollment', function( $count ) {
  return 999; // Big number so it won't use background course enrollment

OptimizePress Suite Dashboard

  • PROBLEM - MemberPress Courses lessons don't show on the front.
  • SOLUTION - None known at this time aside from disabling the plugin.

Post and Page Builder from BoldGrid

  • PROBLEM - When trying to delete a member from MemberPress > Members section, you'll get the message "The link you've followed has expired", and the member will not get deleted.
  • SOLUTION - Disable the plugin when you want to delete a member and then enable it again after the member has been deleted.

Power BI Embedded for WordPress

  • PROBLEM - When activated, editing a Rule will wipe out the content that should be protected.
  • SOLUTION - None known at this time aside from disabling the Power BI Embedded for WordPress plugin before editing a Rule.

Print Post and Page

  • PROBLEM - Breaks the MemberPress signup process when using on-site payments like Stripe or
  • SOLUTION - None known at this time. We recommend using a different page printing plugin.

Role Scoper

  • PROBLEM - New Membership, and New Group buttons do not appear.
  • SOLUTION - Aside from deactivating Role Scoper, there is no known solution at this time.

Root Relative URLs

  • PROBLEM - Causes the Options page tabs not to work correctly.
  • SOLUTION - None known at this time aside from disabling the Root Relative URLs plugin.

SeedProd (Pro)

  • PROBLEM - Causes MemberPress' Login page to redirect to the homepage, thus making it impossible to set it up or test the login process during development.
  • SOLUTION - Put the ID of MemberPress' Login page to the Exclude URLs in SeedProd's Advanced Settings page like this:

Though the explanation says that you could use a URL, it does not work for MemberPress.

  • PROBLEM - Searching through WordPress Search Widget will result in having you redirected to the page set up as the unauthorized redirect page in MemberPress.
  • SOLUTION - Search will start functioning normally once SeedProd "Coming Soon" mode is disabled, that is when you set your website live.

SG Optimizer

  • PROBLEM - Embedded videos do not appear in Courses.
  • SOLUTION - Disable 'Lazy Load Media' in SG Optimizer's Media Optimization settings.

Smush Plugin by WPMU Dev

  • PROBLEM - Embedded videos show in preview page mode but not on the actual.
  • SOLUTION - Disable 'Lazy Load on "course" pages in the settings and/or on frames.

Stop Spammers

  • PROBLEM - Stripe recurring subscriptions may fail because transaction data never reaches MemberPress due to the Stop Spammers plugin interfering with Webhook functionality. It is to be expected that the same interference would happen with PayPal and, though we don't have confirmation of that at the moment.
  • SOLUTION - Go to Protection Options and set it to: "Only Use the Plugin for Standard WordPress Forms", which is the first checkbox.

tagDiv Composer Front-End Page Builder

  • PROBLEM - Causes Stripe payments to fail. Hooks into wp_head with an anonymous function and the event listeners added in through that hook will break promises in JavaScript. This will break certain parts of MemberPress that rely on promises, such as Stripe.
  • SOLUTION - Please add this code snippet using Code Snippets or a similar plugin, or to the functions.php file of the theme or child theme if you have it installed:

Theme My Login

  • PROBLEM - Alters the logout URL breaking MemberPress' logout functionality.
  • SOLUTION - Use MemberPress' built-in login/logout capabilities.

Tooltips Pro

  • PROBLEM - When activated, the Rules search box does not load.
  • SOLUTION - Disable the Tooltips Pro plugin while setting up your Rules. You can re-enable it afterwards.

WordPress Firewall

WP Fusion

When used with Elementor and the MemberPress Elementor Content Protection add-on.

  • PROBLEM - MemberPress rule settings in Elementor are ignored. This is because the WP Fusion code runs after the MemberPress Code.
  • SOLUTION - Use Code Snippets to add the following code run everywhere: 

    add_filter( 'elementor/frontend/section/should_render', 'mepr_cust_should_render', 10, 999 );
      function mepr_cust_should_render($should_render, $element) {
      $mp_elementor = new \MpElementor();
      return $mp_elementor->should_render($should_render, $element);

WP Limit Login Attempts

  • PROBLEM - Prevents users from logging in on the MemberPress login page. The page continues to refresh with no login.
  • SOLUTION - Disable the WP Limit Login Attempts plugin.

WP Links Page

  • PROBLEM - When enabled, it adds CSS to all pages of the wp-admin. This CSS inadvertently hides the access rows of the MemberPress Rules.
  • SOLUTION - Deactivate the WP Links Page plugin while you adjust your Rules. You can re-activate it afterwards.

WPMU DEV Dashboard

  • PROBLEM - When enabled, Cron Jobs, especially the MemberPress Cron Jobs, do not run properly.
  • SOLUTION - Please upgrade to plugin version 4.11.5 or newer.

  • PROBLEM - When enabled, it interferes with the Stripe checkout if a coupon is used, so the transaction never completes.
  • SOLUTION - None known at this time aside from deactivating WP Multisite SSO plugin

WP Remote Users Sync

  • PROBLEM - Incorrectly will throw the "Permissions" error message (as if the user doesn't have permission to purchase the membership) during registration. Only occurred with iOS/iPad OS users. 
  • SOLUTION - None known at this time aside from deactivating WP Remote Users Sync plugin

WP Stagecoach

  • PROBLEM - Incorrectly uses WordPress's plugin update transients. Breaks MemberPress' update mechanism, and shows errors on your site.
  • SOLUTION - None known at this time aside from deactivating WP Stagecoach.

Yith WooCommerce Gift Cards

  • PROBLEM - When this plugin is activated you cannot upload files with our MP Downloads add-on.
  • SOLUTION -  None known at this time aside from deactivating the Yith WooCommerce Gift Cards plugin.
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