Known Plugin and Theme conflicts and incompatibilities

MemberPress works great with just about every plugin and theme (though we may not integrate with all of them)! 

Below however is a list of known Plugin and Theme conflicts. Please review this list for the plugin or theme you are wondering about.


Headway Theme

  • PROBLEM (1) - No content shows up on the MemberPress pages.
  • SOLUTION (1) - Make sure those pages have a "content" block set in the Headway configuration.
  • PROBLEM (2) - MemberPress doesn't override the page content and replace it with the proper unauthorized message.
  • SOLUTION (2) - If the content you need to hide is not in a "content" block, you must have the option in MemberPress enabled to Redirect on Unauthorized.

Zion Page Builder

  • Theme's like Kallyas which use Zion Page Builder to build their membership pages need to make sure the [mepr-membership-registration-form] shortcode is in BOTH the page builder and the regular page content.


  • See OptimizePress section in Plugins list below for more info.


WP Stagecoach

  • PROBLEM - Incorrectly uses WordPress' plugin update transients. Breaks MemberPress' update mechanism, and will show errors on your site.
  • SOLUTION -None known at this time aside from deactivating WP Stagecoach.


  • PROBLEM - It doesn't add it's CAPTCHA to MemberPress login form, but it still checks for a CAPTCHA code during wp_signon() -- this causes the MemberPress login forms to always fail.
  • SOLUTION - Use a different CAPTCHA plugin.

Force SSL Everywhere plugin

  • PROBLEM - The Force SSL Everywhere plugin overrides the user's login process and redirects them to wp-login.php. This causes the MemberPress registration process to fail, and no transaction is created for the member.
  • SOLUTION - None known at this time. Contacting your host for help configuring your domain for 100% https is a much more efficient method.

WordPress Firewall

Xpert Accordion

  • PROBLEM - When WordPress Firewall or Xpert Accordion is activated, saving options in MemberPress does not work.
  • SOLUTION - WordPress Firewall plugin no longer seems to be updated or maintained (last updated in 2009), so we strongly recommend finding another security solution such as WordFence, Better WP Security, or BulletProof Security.

Role Scoper

  • PROBLEM - New Membership, and New Group buttons do not appear.
  • SOLUTION - Aside from de-activating Role Scoper, there is no known solution at this time.

404 Redirection

  • PROBLEM - When the 404 Redirection plugin is activated, the tabs on the Account page do not work.
  • SOLUTION - Disable the force current permalinks option here:

Theme My Login

  • PROBLEM - Alters the logout URL breaking MemberPress' logout functionality.
  • SOLUTION - Use MemberPress' built in login/logout capabilities.

CoursePress (WPMUdev)

Curation Suite

  • PROBLEM - JavaScript conflict prevents selecting auto-complete items in the MemberPress Rules.
  • SOLUTION - None available. You can disable either of these plugins while you setup your MemberPress Rules, then re-enable it afterwards.

Print Post and Page

  • PROBLEM - Breaks the MemberPress signup process when using on-site payments like Stripe or
  • SOLUTION - None known at this time. We recommend using a different page printing plugin.


  • PROBLEM - Causes 1000's of duplicate Transactions to be created when a user signs up.
  • SOLUTION - Disable the "Create Users" option in WPFusion.

Root Relative URLs

  • PROBLEM - Causes the Options page tabs not to work correctly.
  • SOLUTION - None known at this time aside from disabling the Root Relative URLs plugin.


  • PROBLEM - Login page shows a math captcha that can never be solved.
  • SOLUTION - Disable the "Block Suspicious login activity" setting in Jetpack's security section.

iThemes Security plugin

  • PROBLEM - PayPal Standard return after payment shows blank page.
  • SOLUTION - Disable the "Filter Long URL Strings" in iTheme's System Tweaks settings page.

WP Limit Login Attempts

  • PROBLEM - Prevents users from logging in on the MemberPress login page. The page just refreshes with no login.
  • SOLUTION - Disable the WP Limit Login Attempts plugin.


  • PROBLEM - In some cases a page created with OptimizePress can cause an infinite loop on the_content. This results in the page being blank, or showing a 500 or other internal server error.
  • SOLUTION - Check these boxes in the OptimizePress compatibility settings.