Coupon Case Examples

Below are a couple of case examples for how to accomplish specific tasks with a coupon. Click on the case example below to be taken directly to it:

Linking User to Registration Page with Discount (no coupon field)

You may need to provide a link to a user to sign up with a coupon code if for example, you do not have the coupon field enabled in your MemberPress Options > Account > Registration section to not provide discounts normally or just for user ease. 

To do this, all you need to do is add /?coupon=your-coupon-code-here to the end of your registration page URL. 

So this may look like this:

When doing this, just remember that MemberPress cannot prevent your users from sharing that link. As such, you may want to consider setting a coupon usage limit or coupon expiration date as explained  here.

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Unique User Coupon

To create a coupon that can only be used by one user all you need to do is set your Coupon Options like this:

With this coupon set to only be used once, the user you share it with will be discourage from sharing it (without jeopardizing their own ability to use it) if you clarify that it has a one use limit. 

Finally, simply send the user the coupon code with that explanation and any additional instructions you may have. 

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Only First Payment Discounted

This can be accomplished using the 'Override Trial Period' feature in your Coupon Options. For example, settings like this would provide a discount on the user's first payment on a $50 monthly subscription while billing the full amount after that:

The important parts here have been highlighted. Just note that you have to set a fixed trial cost and it can only be a one-time payment type (we have no support for 'recurring trials'). 

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Limited Time Offer

This is easily accomplished by simply using the 'Coupon expiration' feature found in the Coupon Options. For example, if you want to offer a discount only until the end of the year, you would create a coupon that looks like this:

You can also further limit the discount with the usage limit setting as seen above (it's set to 50). If you want to make it easier for users to capitalize on this discount offer, consider adding the coupon directly to a link to your registration page as  explained above

Note: While this coupon won't be usable for new users after December 31, 2018, anyone who registered with this coupon for an automatically recurring subscription will continue to have their renewal be 75% of the full price until their subscription either expires or they or you as admin cancel the subscription. 

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Limited Spots Offer

Similar to the example above, you may want to provide a discount offer that has limited spots. So, for example, if you wanted to create a coupon that could only be used by the first 20 users, you would setup your Coupon Options like this:

Remember, you could always create a limited spots offer that is only available until a specific date with the 'Coupon expiration' feature as in the above example. 

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