Reminders Case Examples

Before reading this page, be sure to review our  Creating a Reminder page for a good overview of the settings explained on this page.

Below are a couple of case examples for how to accomplish specific tasks with MemberPress Reminders. Click on the case example below to be taken directly to it:

Dripping Content Reminders

When  dripping content with MemberPress, you may want to notify your users when their drip content will become available. This can easily be done by simply creating a membership specific reminder for each drip sequence that you have. This can be done by using the 'after Members Signs Up' reminder.

So, for example, if you have content that is dripped every month, you would set it up like this:

  1. Create one 'after Member Signs Up' reminder for each month.
    1. This is done by setting the first to have a trigger of '1 Months', the second '2 Months', etc.
  2. (Optional) Disable the admin email for each reminder to avoid getting these notices. 
  3. Use the 'Send only for specific Memberships' feature in the 'Emails' section of each reminder to set them to only send to subscribers of the right membership.
  4. Edit each reminder email sent to the user with any relevant information, direct links, etc. 
  5. Be sure to save each reminder email using the 'Update' button on each reminder's edit page.

That's it!

Important note: these reminders will not be stopped if a user's subscription is cancelled or paused, so be sure to not add active user only content to your emails. Rather, use links to protected content so if there is a lapse in the user's subscription, they won't get access to any protected content. 

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Getting a User Back After Abandoned Checkout

Because MemberPress currently uses a two step registration process, it is possible for users to abandon checkout after submitting their user info, but before entering their payment details. Often times, sending a user an email after such an event can encourage them to come back, reach out for more info, or other things that can help convert them into a paying subscriber. 

Setting up an 'after Signup Abandoned' reminder is the answer to this!

When setting up this reminder, please note these best practices:

  • Do not set this reminder to anything less than 12 hours after the triggering event. This is because the user may return shortly on their own, etc.
  • Edit the email to provide a more personal experience for your users. 
  • While the default email does provide some basic instructions on this process, this reminder email is designed to be sent while the user is still logged in (which happens automatically after the first registration step). As such, you may want to specify that the user should login first and then click on the link we place in the email, in case they were automatically logged out. Adding a direct link to your login page can make this very easy for the user.
  • Consider adding some kind of incentive to return and complete the registration - like a coupon, etc. 

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Avoiding Failed Payments Caused by Expired Credit Cards

One common reason for a user having a lapse in subscription is a failed payment caused by an expired credit card. To avoid losing payments and potentially your customers, consider using our 'before Credit Card Expires' reminder. Just be sure to follow some of these best practices when creating this reminder:

  • Set the Trigger (e.g. 2 weeks, 3 months, etc.) appropriately for your membership pricing terms, usually with the same time frame as your billings is best. 
    • For example, if your subscription is monthly, using a reminder of this type that is triggered with a '1 Months' setting.
  • Do not use the 'Send only for specific Memberships' feature in the 'Emails' section as you will likely want this reminder for all of your memberships. 
  • Consider adding additional emphasis on the quality of your sites content - if they fail to update their credit card info, they will lose access to all of their subscribed content!

Important note: this reminder cannot work if the user signed up through a PayPal account. This is because they paid with the account, but MemberPress has no way of seeing into that account and knowing the expiration date of any entered credit cards. 

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Providing Additional After Signup Instructions

You may find that you need to provide additional instructions that the user needs to know about after they sign up, but that you don't want to include in the user welcome email. Such as: 

  • Your site has additional setup instructions for the user to get started. 
  • You are offering off-site content or activities that the user needs to know about.
  • You want to send the user more info on what they have access to with their subscription. 

For any of those reasons and more, you can send each user an email with that information by simply using a single 'after Member Signs Up' reminder for each relevant membership on your site. 

Just be sure to edit the reminder accordingly and to make sure that you select the correct membership in the 'Send only for specific Memberships' feature in the 'Emails' section.

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Strategic Upsells

MemberPress does not currently have any specific upsells feature, but you can easily use our Reminders to do something similar. 

To do this, we recommend that you use our 'before Subscription Expires' or 'after Subscription Expires' reminders. Here are some best practices to consider when using these reminder emails to provide upsells.

  • Be mindful of the type of reminder you use. Depending on your setup, it may be better to send the email before the user's subscription expires, and for others, it may be after it has already expired. 
  • Set the trigger to whatever your "magic time" would be to result in the best conversions. This is usually early enough to give the user time to consider it, but not too late so the user doesn't care an more. 
  • Consider adding a coupon code to the user reminder email to offer a special discount. 
    • If you do this, be sure to review the 'coupon code' articles in the link above to ensure that you properly understand how our coupons works. 
    • Remember, you will need to update this coupon code periodically if you elect to set an expiration or usage limit to the coupon (which is advised as coupon codes can easily be shared). 
  • (Optional) Disable the admin email for each reminder of this type to avoid getting these notices. 
  • Add some form of contact (yours or other) or page that the user can contact or use to learn more about why they should subscribe to your upsell membership. 

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User Win-Back Emails

Win-Back emails are emails used to 'win-back', or encourage a user to come back to your site, usually sent after some kind of an expiration date is reached ( learn more here).

In MemberPress, this can easily be done with our 'after Subscription Expires' reminder email. Just consider some of the following best practices when creating a reminder 'Win-Back' email:

  • Be sure to edit the email with any and all of your best reasons as to why the user should return to your membership. 
  • Set the trigger appropriately. You don't want to sound too needy by sending it too soon after their subscription expires, but also not too far past their expiration date to seem just an afterthought.
  • Consider adding some kind of coupon code or special offer to entice the user to return. 
    • If you use a coupon, be sure to review the 'coupon code' articles in the link above to ensure that you properly understand how our coupons works. 
    • Remember, you will need to update this coupon code periodically if you elect to set an expiration or usage limit to the coupon (which is advised as coupon codes can easily be shared). 
  • (Optional) Enable the admin email for each reminder of this type if you are interested in keeping an eye on the success rate of this reminder. Or disable the admin email if you'd rather not be bothered by them.  

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