Configuring & Troubleshooting our WooCommerce Addon

This integration is currently in Beta and supports limited features at this point. This page will be updated as new features or other changes are made to the integration.

* Requires WooCommerce vs. 3.0 or newer.

Installing the WooCommerce Addon

To install this add-on navigate to WordPress Dashboard > MemberPress > Activate > Addons > find the add-on and click the "Install" button. This will automatically download and install the add-on.

WooCommerce Addon Breakdown

The MemberPress WooCommerce integration supports two different features. The first is the ability to protect WooCommerce Products such that only active MemberPress Members may purchase them.

The second feature is the ability to sell a Membership through WooCommerce's checkout system and have it sync a Transaction for the buyer in MemberPress.

Both features are described in more detail below:

Member-only WooCommerce Purchases

Protecting WooCommerce Products from being purchased by non-members is very easy! You will simply go to your MemberPress -> Rules page and there you can set up Rules to protect a Single Product, All Products, or even Products with a certain Category, Tag, or Shipping Class.

Once protected, the Products will be hidden from view in your shop unless the member is logged in and active. And if a guest or unauthorized user somehow stumbles on a direct link to a protected Product, the "add to cart" button is also disabled so the user cannot purchase.

Below are some examples, with screenshots, on how you might set up your Rules:

Protecting a Single Product

To protect a Single Product, you'll go to MemberPress -> Rules -> Add New. Then you can select the "Single Product" rule type from the drop down and begin typing the name of the Product in the next box.

Protecting all Products

To protect all Products, you'll go to MemberPress -> Rules -> Add New. Then you can select the "All Products" rule type from the drop down and save the Rule. This means that none of your Products will be visible or purchasable by non-members.

Protecting all Products by Tag or Category

This is a great way to mass protect a group of Products with a single MemberPress Rule. First you'll need to set up some Tags and/or Categories in WooCommerce -> Products -> Tags/Categories. Then you'll assign the Products you want protected with those tags or categories.

Then you can simply create a single Rule for that Category or Tag and all Products with that Category or Tag will be protected.

Selling Memberships Through WooCommerce

MemberPress is great, but a number of our users have expressed interest in integrating with their Physical products shop in order to keep their users in one place when making purchases. The WooCommerce integration accomplishes this by allowing your Users to purchase their memberships through WooCommerce and have the transaction synced with MemberPress so the user can view the protected content on your site.

You also get the added bonus of taking advantage of the upsell/downsell features in WooCommerce, as well as allowing your users to purchase multiple items during a single checkout.

Before starting, it's important to make note of the following:

  • Currently you can only use "Simple Products" that are set to be "virtual" in WooCommerce
  • WooSubscriptions is NOT currently supported
  • Even if you have Guest checkout enabled in WooCommerce, or if you've disabled registering for a user account in WooCommerce, MemberPress will force the user to register for an account if they have a Membership type Product in their cart. This is the only way to get them into WordPress User's section and associate a Membership for them.

Step 1 - Create your Membership in MemberPress

First you must create your Membership(s) in MemberPress if you haven't already. If you have, then skip down to Step 2.

Step 2 - Create your Product in WooCommerce

The Product must be of type "Simple Product" and must have the "Virtual" box checked. Once both of those conditions has been met, you will see the following new tab in the Product Options panel: 

There's a couple of options here:

Membership - This should be the MemberPress Membership you wish the user to have access to after they purchase this item in WooCommerce. The user will have access for whatever length of time this Membership is set up for. If the Membership is set to be recurring, then the user will have access for only the first cycle. This may change once WooSubscriptions is supported. 

Access Before Payment - This lets you decide if you're going to give the member access to the membership immediately or not. If unchecked the user will need to wait until their payment has completed in WooCommerce before accessing protected content on your site.

That's it!

If you'd like to make a suggestion or if you have any questions regarding this integration please  contact our support team.