Integrating with Churn Buster

MemberPress now has built-in support for Churn Buster. Churn Buster is a service which connects to your account and takes over email automation to try and recover users whose credit cards have expired and their payments are failing as a result.

Churn Buster is currently offering MemberPress customers a free 30 day trial. Use this link to start your free trial.

As you're signing up, Churn Buster will provide you with a unique Account ID. Copy that ID.

Next you'll paste that Account ID into the MemberPress Stripe Payment Gateway settings.

Then save the MemberPress Options page and head back to the Stripe Payment Gateway setting screen. There you'll see a URL you will need to copy.

Next, paste that URL back into your Churn Buster account setup settings.

When prompted, please select the option to have Churn Buster cancel subscriptions at the end of email campaigns.

MemberPress usually recommends that Stripe cancel your subscriptions after the last failed payment. However, if you're using Churn Buster - this setting should be changed such that is not automatically cancelling your subscriptions after the last failed payment attempt.

That's it!