WP Simplepay Pro + MemberPress

Note: This addon requires you to have WP Simple Pay Pro, which is a paid premium plugin. You can use any of the paid editions of WP Simple Pay Pro with MemberPress. 

Using this add-on, you can use WP Simple Pay Pro checkout forms to create MemberPress one-time payments and subscriptions.

Installing the WP Simple Pay Pro Addon

To install this add-on navigate to WordPress Dashboard > MemberPress > Activate > Addons > find the add-on and click the "Install" button. This will automatically download and install the add-on.

MemberPress Requirements

  1. Create a Membership - If you don't have a membership setup and configured then go to "MemberPress" -> "Memberships" and click "Add New." Now set up the Membership to your liking. Click here to see how to create a Membership.
  2. Setup a Stripe Gateway in MemberPress - Now make sure you have Stripe setup as a payment method in "MemberPress" -> "Options" -> "Payments". Click Here to see how this can be done.

WP Simple Pay Pro Setup

  1. Setup Payment Keys - Set up the same Stripe keys in "Simple Pay Pro" -> "Settings" as you did in MemberPress.
  2. Create a Payment Form - Go to "Simple Pay Pro" -> "Payment Forms" -> "Add New". Now go to the "MemberPress" navigation link and select the membership you want the form to work with.

  3. Install the form - Install the form shortcode somewhere on your site.

  4. Set Stripe Gateway in Simple Pay Pro -> Settings -> General tab. And Save.

Now, when a purchase is made with your WP Simple Pay Pro form, a membership will be created appropriately. If your form is creating a recurring subscription it will work as well.


Because this integration is creating a new Member and there is no password field on the Stripe checkout, it will send a "New Password" email to your new members. This email will allow new members to create their own passwords. So, make sure you're using a service like Mailgun or Send Grid to ensure your email deliverability when using this integration.