Create a Sales Receipt in Quickbooks (Zapier)

Use Zapier to Create a Sales Receipt in Quickbooks

Note: if you haven’t set up a zapier account for your MemberPress, then follow this guide first.

First click the “Make a Zap!” button on the top right of your Zapier page.

Choose MemberPress as your Trigger App.

Select “Transaction Completed” as your trigger and continue.

Select your MemberPress account (you can test its connection here if you wish) and continue

Pick a Sample transaction to test your Zap. If you don’t see any then just hit the “Get More Samples” button to get a transaction from your site, it is best to get one with as much information as possible so you know what to add to your zap. Continue.

Now click the “Add a Step” button on the left below your MemberPress Step

Choose Action/Search

Choose QuickBooks Online (if you don’t see it you will need to add and link the app to Zapier)

Search for the Action-”Find a Customer”

You need to find them to give them a receipt, and if they are not in QuickBooks yet, which is likely if you are just starting this, then it will add them as a customer as well.

Connect or Select your QuickBooks Online account, continue.

Here is where you need to search for your customer, choose "Email" in the search field

For the Search Value you need to click the "insert a field" button. Then it should populate with all your MemberPress Fields, here you need to select the "Member Email" Field

Next, for QuickBooks to create a customer if there isn't already one in your system click the "Create QuickBooks Online Customer if it doesn't exist yet?" box

Then using the "insert a field" button find the  "Member First Name" and the "Member Last Name". (You will need to collect both first and last names in your membership registration as it is required by QuickBooks to create an account.) Choose the "Member First Name" then a space to avoid them being lumped together, hit the "insert a field" button again and find the "Member Last Name"

This is all that is required to create a user, but feel free to add as many fields as you want by following the same steps. Once you have collected all the info, hit Continue.

The Next page will let you test your setup . 

Simply hit the "Fetch & Continue" at the bottom of the page to try it out, if successful you will see this screen.

Continue onto the final action

Click the "+ Add a Step" button again as before and Choose the "action" then choose "QuickBooks Online" but this time you will choose "create a sales receipt"

Connect your QuickBooks account again and continue.

Find the customer  you created in step 2 by selecting "use a custom value" in the customer dropdown

In the "custom value for customer ID" choose the quickbooks "find or create a customer" then choose "ID" in the dropdown

You can leave the "find customer by name/email" blank

select the "insert a field" button in the "email" options

select the "1 transaction completed" then select the "Member Email" option

fill out any other optional fields you choose, then navigate to the "line items" section

following the same steps  as before, select the "amount " line from the first step, this one is required so do not skip it

then find and add any other information you want to include in the receipt

after you have added your information, click continue.

Next you will test your Zap by clicking the "Send Test to QuickBooks Online"

If all goes well you will see this message

Finally select "Finish" and you should see a receipt like this in your QuickBooks

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