Send follow up ticket for stopped Subscription with Zendesk (Zapier)

Note: In order to utilize this functionality, you will first need to integrate Zapier with MemberPress:

We are often asked if there is a possibility of sending a follow-up ticket in Zendesk when a Subscription has stopped. Here are some instructions on how to easily make this possible by using Zapier to create a Zap with MemberPress and Zendesk.

Step:1 Login and Start Creating a Zap

The first thing you will need to do is login to your Zapier account and click on the "Make a Zap" button.

Step 2: Creating a MemberPress Trigger

Search for MemberPress in the search bar and then click on it once you find it.

Next you will click the "Subscription Stopped" option. Then click the Save + Continue button.

Connect your MemberPress account if you haven't done so already and then click continue.

The next page shows a sample of data from your site. You can use the default one created or you can search for specific data that you want to test with. When finished, click Continue.

Step 3: Create an Zendesk Action Trigger

There are 2 options to start creating an Action Trigger. Either click Add a Step or click or click the link provided.

Search for Zendesk and select it.

Then you will select "Create Ticket" and then click Save + Continue

You will want to connect your Zendesk account to the Zap if you haven't done so already and then click Save + Continue.

Next you will want fill out all the required fields and set whatever optional fields you would like. The optional group setting is set to which group will receive the ticket in the example below along with the required field.

There is one more required field that needs to be filled out before proceeding which is the "First Comment/Description" field. Once everything is filled out the way you like, click Continue.

Next click test and you should see a screen like the example below if everything is successful.

Check in Zendesk to ensure the ticket was sent over properly after the test. The example below shows the optional group set for the ticket to go to once sent which was Support.

Finally, go back to Zapier and click Finish, name your Zap and turn it on. 

Congratulations, you have just created a zap with MemberPress and Zendesk!

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