How to Test your Reminder Emails?

If you have Reminder Emails setup in MemberPress > Reminders, you may want to test them out to ensure that they work correctly. 

The best way to test if Reminders are working properly is to go to MemberPress > Reminders and set up a new Reminder for "0 days after Signup Abandoned". Once you have that in place, also enable the Send Signup Abandoned Reminder Email to User setting. Then Publish the reminder to save it.

After creating the Reminder Email, do a test signup as a user and fill out the form and submit it. Then do NOT complete the payment step next. After getting to that point, wait an hour or so, to see if the Reminder email goes out. If so, then the Reminders are working as expected. 

If you did not receive a Reminder Email during the test, then your WP Cron may not be running properly on the site. If that's the case, reach out to your host and have them look to see if there are any issues with WP Cron. Once resolved, try running the test again.

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