Stripe Connect

Stripe Connect is much more secure and is even easier to configure than our prior integrations with the payment gateway.

Adding or Updating an Existing Stripe Gateway

Visual Directions:

Written Directions:

Next, navigate to MemberPress -> Options -> Payments page and add a new gateway, or if updating an existing - find your existing Stripe gateway.

Either way - Click on the Blue "Connect with Stripe" button.

You will first need to authenticate MemberPress using your account username/password.

Once authenticated with your MemberPress account. You'll be redirected to authenticate with your Stripe account next.

If you're not logged into Stripe, click the "Sign In" button at the top:

Select your Stripe Account and click the "Connect my Stripe account button":

After connecting, you'll be redirected back to MemberPress and you'll see the following:

That's all! Now you're even more secure, and your secret and publishable keys, and webhooks are no longer displayed, and will be managed automatically for you.