How to discount a recurring subscription with a Stripe payment

Finding the member's subscription in both MemberPress and Stripe

The first thing you will need to do is search for the user in MemberPress under the Subscriptions tab. Once you find the user, you will need to copy their current Subscription ID which is shown here as an example:

Next, you will want to login to Stripe and paste the Subscription ID into the search bar. You will want to click on the user's account in Stripe:

Creating a coupon

You will want to create a coupon by scrolling down and finding the Coupon section to click on the "+ Add Coupon" button: 

Once you click the button, you will be brought to a screen where yo can either search for a coupon you have already created or you can click the link to create your first coupon:  

For this demonstration, I clicked on "Create your first coupon" link and was brought to this page where you would want to click "+ Create a coupon"(mine says "+ Create a test coupon" since I am in test mode):

Finally you will be brought to a page where you can create the coupon so that you can discount a member's subscription. There are a few different options you can select so that the discount suits your needs. The different options are explained below:

Name: This option allows you to name the coupon whatever you want so that it shows up on the member's receipts and invoices.

ID: This will make it so that Stripe ca identify the coupon when it is selected. Stripe recommends leaving it blank so that they can generate an ID for you.

Type: You have 2 options here. you can either select to give the user a percentage off their subscription or give them a set amount off their subscription. 

Duration: You will have 3 options here to set the duration of the coupon. It can be applied to all payments going forward, only one payment, or you can specify multiple payments before they go back to the normal price of the subscription.

Redemption limits: You have 2 options here. You can limit the timeframe of when the coupon can be used or you can limit the amount of times the coupon can be used. These options doesn't really apply since you will be manually applying the coupon to their subscription.

Applying the Coupon

To apply the coupon, you will need to search for the Subscription ID again and click on the member's profile. Then you will click on the + Add Coupon button again in the Coupon section. You will have the option to either search for the coupon or you can click on it since it should be displayed:

That's it, you have now successfully created a coupon to discount a member's subscription in Stripe.

Note:  PayPal doesn't allow for changing the price of a subscription so there isn't a way to add a discount to a subscription in PayPal if the user signed up through that gateway.

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