Classroom Mode Colors and Styles Customization

When using our Classroom Mode (recommended), you have a lot of control over the colors and logo and featured images used.

Colors and Logo

You can edit these easily within the MemberPress > Settings > Courses tab.

However, if you'd like to see your changes live, we recommend using the Theme Customizer instead.

To access the Theme Customizer, head to MemberPress > Settings > Courses tab, and ensure that "Classroom Mode" is toggle on (enabled). If so, you'll see a link to "the WordPress Customizer" there.

You'll be taken to the front-end Customizer settings where you can view your changes as you make them. This is a great way to quickly make sure you get your branding colors/logo on-point quickly!

The colors are pretty straight forward as shown in the image above, so we won't go into a lot of detail on those.

You can also upload a logo that is shown in the top-menu bar in Classroom Mode. It is recommended to use a horizontally designed logo (wide instead of tall). You may need to try a few different designs and sizes to get yours to fit just right.

Featured Image

If you want to change the Featured images for your Course(s), you can do so by editing the Course in your Dashboard > MemberPress > Courses. And edit the Course you want to change the featured image on.

In the "Document" tab in your Gutenberg editor, click on the Featured Image section to update your image as shown below:

Click "Set featured image" to set an existing or upload a new Image.

We recommend using an image at least 640x480px. But a higher resolution will look even better.

Advanced CSS

If you're a designer and have some existing CSS you'd like to apply to the buttons/links in the Courses Classroom Mode, you can set some CSS classes for your Next/Previous buttons and the breadcrumb links.

Head to MemberPress > Settings > Courses tab, and scroll to the bottom. You'll see the following options:

Add your CSS classes, and save the settings.

That's it!

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