How to Design your Memberships and Groups in Elementor

Editing your MemberPress Memberships and Groups in Elementor is easy. You just need to enable Elementor for these two categories. Here's how:

  1. Click Elementor in the Admin Menu

  2. Check the boxes next to Memberships and Groups

  3. Click the Save Changes Button
    Now, when you edit a Membership or Group you will see an Edit with Elementor button. Clicking the button will launch the Elementor editor just like it does with posts and pages.

  4. Add a Shortcode Element in Elementor

For Groups: Include the [mepr-group-price-boxes] shortcode where you would like the group price boxes to appear on the Elementor page.

For Memberships: Include the [mepr-membership-registration-form]  to include the registration form where you would like it to appear on the Elementor page. 

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