How to Add a Quiz with MemberPress Courses

Getting started

Once you have installed and activated the MemberPress Courses addon, for being able to create a quiz you should navigate to MemberPress --> Courses section and start with creating a new course first.

Since MemberPress quizzes bring some new settings that are now available within your courses, after you created a new course and open it further in your Editor you should go to the Settings section where all of these could be found.

As it could be seen there are several new options that will allow you to manipulate further with your lessons so let's see what each of these does and how it works.

  • Require Previous Lesson/Quiz - Enable this option to require the previous lesson/quiz to be complete before the next lesson/quiz can be started. Note: The first lesson of a section will require the last lesson/quiz of the previous section to be completed.

  • Show Question Results - Selecting this option will show students whether the answer they provided was correct or incorrect. Disable this option if you do not want students to know which questions they answered correctly.

  • Show Question answers - Select this option if you want to show students the correct answers after they complete the quiz.

Create your first quiz

If you already created some of the lessons for your new course, creating a quiz is even easier. When it comes to creating your own quiz you should navigate to the Curriculum section and add it from there by clicking on the Add Quiz button which will open a new field where you can add a name for your new quiz. 

Now, when the quiz is created and you start with editing it further, quizzes come with several types of pre-built blocks that you could use and customize it further per your needs.

For finding these blocks you will need to click on the + sign from the Editor page which will reveal all the available quizzes blocks that are available.

Selecting each of them will immediately add that quiz box in your editor and enable you to edit it further so let's use it one by one and explain how they are designed to work.

  • Multiple Choice block - enables you to create questions and mark the one which is going to be the correct answer

You could also make it is required and add some feedback if the answer is not correct.

  • Multiple Answer Question - enables you to select multiple answers and mark the ones which are going to be the correct answers

  • True/False Question - enables you to create true/false questions

  • Short Answer - enables the essay style and allow on the front to add a short answer to the question

  • Essay - enables you to set min/max amount of characters for the answer

Depending on your configuration if you do not answer some questions that are required will expose a message on the front for informing you that the field is required and must be filled in for completing the quiz.

If you completed the course but do not have enough points to pass it and want to know the right answers to it, if you try to access the editor you will not be able to since this quiz is already accessed and a notice box about that will show on your screen.

This means that you will no longer be able to change it since it will also break the score for the user that starts the quiz, however, if you want to delete the attempts, you should click the link for already has attempts which will redirect you to the page with all the attempts for it where you could delete them.

Accessing the attempts page you can directly from your quiz by hovering over the quiz and checking the option for view attempts. From here you can also preview and edit your quiz.

Note: You are free to customize this page by adding any text or image around quizzes modules and making it more suitable per your own design

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