How to Add Quiz to MemberPress Courses

If you want to allow your members to test their knowledge or have some fun after a completed lesson in MemberPress Courses, it is rather easy to do it with the help of Watu Quiz WordPress plugin.

Once you install and activate it, you'll get this new section in your Dashboard:

You'll notice that Watu Quiz comes with one quiz already set up, which is quite neat for initial testing. You'll also notice that every quiz generates a shortcode and that shortcode is what you're going to use to insert a quiz into MemberPress Courses.

Since its Details page contains nice FAQ and links to an online demo (and Pro version of the plugin), we will not get into details of creating a new quiz, but you'll see that it is rather easy to do.

So, how to add a quiz to Courses? It is exactly the same principle described in our How to Add Downloadable Materials to Lessons tutorial.

Once on the Curriculum tab, please click Add Lesson link.

A new screen will load with the familiar Block (Gutenberg) Editor interface. Name the "lesson" any way you want, put anything you want to be showing up, and you can use all available blocks, and then insert the shortcode generated for the quiz in Watu plugin. It could look like this, but it could be much more elaborate layout, it is completely up to you.

When you're happy with what you've achieved, save that lesson and that's it. In the case of layout as above, this will be final visual appearance:

If your course is protected, then the quiz will be protected as well. If you have a public course but still want to allow only registered members to take the quiz, you can easily do it by checking the Require user login (displays login and / or register link depending on your blog settings.) option in the page that opens after you click Edit link for that specific quiz.

This might come in handy if you, for instance, use BuddyPress or BuddyBoss, so visitors have another way of registering, not exclusively through MemberPress.

You can set up the e-mail that would go out to your member after completing the quiz and make one sent to you as the admin, of different content if you want that. The same page contains several other useful options, so be sure to visit it and set it up as you want.

But what if you or your members need to revisit the results?

If a member revisits the quiz, this will be shown:

So, the member will have to stick to the results that were e-mailed initially, unless the shortcode is used on some page or post to display the results publicly.

However, if you're admin, all it takes is to go to Watu Quizzes -> Watu Quizzes in your WordPress Dashboard, and you'll see something like this:

Then, click " Taken X times" link, and you'll get a more detailed results page, like this:

If you are experiencing any issues with displaying quizzes, you need to insert the code listed below at the end of your theme's functions.php file or install Code Snippet plugin and add it there.

add_action('mpcs_courses_footer', function() {

Better reporting (more details) is apparently available with the Pro version of the plugin.

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