How to create custom Terms of service

As part of the industry standard, to create rules and regulations for visitors of your website, MemberPress has a term of service settings to enable users to consent to them. This setting can be found under MemberPress settings => Account under the registration heading. This is a global setting which means the terms of service applies to every registration form. MemberPress now has a way to create custom terms of service links for each membership. You can make use of our custom fields feature to create custom terms of service page for each page. Here is how:

Step1: Create your Terms of service page

Create your custom terms of service page and copy the Slug of the link of the page.

Step 2: Create a custom field 

You can add the link to the custom TOS page using a custom field. To create a custom field you would need to go to your MemberPress settings => Fields tab and click the “plus button” under the “Custom User Information Fields” to add a new custom field. You would then enter the name of the custom field in the name field and specify which membership this is for. EG: Bronze Membership terms of service. This will help in creating a “unique slug’ for each “TOS”

Step 3: Add the link to your terms of service page

Edit the name field and remove the name of the membership. You then need to use the href tag below and add the slug from “Step 1” to create the link to the custom TOS page.

I agree to the <a href=’/terms-of-service-bronze’>terms and conditions</a>

Step 3: Add the link to your terms of service page

Once the custom field for your membership TOS has been created, you then need to go into the specific membership and enable the custom field. You will also want to make sure it is turned off for all other memberships. Once enabled, you will be able to view your custom field checkbox on your registration form.

Note: Custom fields generally appear at the top of each registration form, which might not be the ideal place to place your TOS link. You can place your link at the bottom by using the code below.

Add the code below to your functions.php file or using the code snippets plugin by WordPress which can be downloaded here:

	function mepr_render_custom_fields_fn($custom_fields) {

	   moveElement($custom_fields, 0, 4);
	   return $custom_fields;


	add_filter('mepr_render_custom_fields', 'mepr_render_custom_fields_fn');

Replace the number 4 with the number of fields on the form and save

That’s it, you have successfully added your custom terms of service on your registration form.

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