Installing & Configuring our Quaderno Add-on

NOTE: This integration is available to members on our Pro plans. If you would like to upgrade to have access to this integration you can do so by clicking the Change Plan link on your account page here.

To calculate taxes in MemberPress, you can use Taxjar or upload custom tax rates as it is covered in our Taxes tutorial, but in order to automate this process, you can use powerful automation software called Quaderno with our Quaderno add-on that integrates Quaderno with MemberPress.

In this article, we go over how to set up and use Quaderno in MemberPress. We also cover some basic settings in Quaderno account but if you want to learn more, Quaderno has quite extensive documentation:

Install Quaderno Add-On

To install this add-on, navigate to WordPress Dashboard → MemberPress → Add-ons → find the add-on, and click the Install Add-on button. This will automatically download and install the add-on.

Configure Quaderno settings

After you install Quaderno add-on you will see the new Enable Quaderno option in MemberPress → Settings → Taxes tab. When you check this option, you will see two options: Quaderno API Key and Quaderno API URL.

In order to find key and URL, you need to go back to your Quaderno account and navigate to API Keys page.

Then, copy key from Private key and URL from API URL fields, return to MemberPress settings in WordPress Dashboard, and paste the first one to Quaderno API Key field, and the second one to Quaderno API URL. Remember to save changes. Once it’s done, MemberPress will connect to Quaderno API to calculate correct tax for memberships based on customer address and your Quaderno settings.

Set up Quaderno jurisdictions

The very important thing in Quaderno is setting up tax jurisdictions where your business is registered. You can read more about it here.

To set up tax jurisdictions, navigate to Settings → Taxes → Jurisdictions section in your Quaderno account, click Add jurisdiction button, and add all needed fields. In my example below I added European Union jurisdiction.

Once you add jurisdictions, Quaderno will add all taxes for that jurisdiction automatically. These taxes will apply to your site for all future payments. To see those taxes, navigate to Settings → Taxes → Tax Rates section.

Set up tax behavior in MemberPress settings

Go back to your WordPress Dashboard → MemberPress → Settings → Taxes page and select whether prices entered with tax should be exlusive or inclusive. You can learn more about these options in Prices Entered With Tax section of our Taxes documentation.

Membership specific options

By default Quaderno takes your tax code and product type from your Quaderno settings in Settings → Preferences section, but you can override it for each membership separately by going to Advanced tab of Membership Options and selecting Product Type and Tax Code. Product Type has two options: default Service and Good. Tax Codes has many options from you can choose:
  • Default: Tax code from Quaderno settings
  • Consulting: Any consulting and professional service (e.g., lawyers, designers, engineers, tax advisors, etc.).
  • eBook: An electronic book that is sold with unlimited use.
  • Electronically supplied services: Service that is delivered over the internet. It is essentially automated, involves minimal human intervention and in the absence of information technology does not have viability.
  • Non-taxable: Any nontaxable good or service. No tax is applied for jurisdictions that impose a tax.
  • Reduced tax rates: Specific goods and services with a reduced tax rate.
  • Software as a service (SaaS): Cloud services software delivered over the internet. The software is not customized for the specific buyer. Assumes no software is downloaded by the buyer.
  • Generally taxable: Any taxable good or service. For jurisdictions that impose a tax, the standard rate is applied.

When you set up Quaderno, and a customer enters address on registration page, MemberPress connects with Quaderno and calculates tax based on customer's address and your jurisdiction.

Once registration is successful MemberPress will send data to Quaderno. You can see all reports about taxes and customers in Documents → Sales → Invoices and Contacts sections of your Quaderno account.

That's it. You should now be able to collect taxes when customers purchase memberships in MemberPress and manage them in your Quaderno account!

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