Installation & Configuration of our Active Campaign Addon

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Step 1 - Install ActiveCampaign Addon

In your dashboard head to MemberPress -> Activate -> Addons and click to install the ActiveCampaign addon. Once it's installed, activate it and you'll then see the ActiveCampaign integration available in the "Marketing" tab of the MemberPress Options page.

Step 2 - Get ActiveCampaign Account ID

Login to to get your Account ID (looks like 1234567890123). Then paste it into the Active Campaign Account field shown below.

Please note that after you input the Account ID that looks like: 1234567890123, and MemberPress does not populate your Active Campaign List, it may be because you have a newer Active Campaign account.  In this case, the ID may be your username. Normally, it's the bold part in the URL you use to access Active Campaign like so:

Step 3 - Get ActiveCampaign API Key

Login to then click on your profile to expand the menu list and click on My Settings

Then Click on the Developer option to find your API Key.

Step 4 - Paste ActiveCampaign API Key in MemberPress

Copy The API Key from Step 2 into the ActiveCampaign API Key field as shown below.

Step 5 - Select ActiveCampaign list

Once MemberPress has established a connection, select your ActiveCampaign List from the drop-down option.

And you're done!

Now just configure MemberPress to use the correct Campaign(s) as described on our Marketing page, and you're all set!