Installation & Configuration of our MailChimp Addon

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This add-on is included with your purchase of the Basic, Plus, or Pro edition of MemberPress.

Video Instructions:

Global MailChimp Setup

Per-Membership Merge-Tag Setup

Written Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1 - Install MailChimp 3.0 Add-on

  1. In your dashboard, head to MemberPress -> Activate -> Add-Ons. There you will find a link to install the MailChimp 3.0 Add-on.
  2. Head to MemberPress -> Options -> Marketing tab. You should now see the MailChimp 3.0 listed

Step 2 - Input MailChimp API Key

You can find your API Key in your MailChimp Account settings. Account -> Extras -> API keys -> Your API keys. You may need to create an API key if none are listed.

If everything checks out, you should see the "Everything's Chimpy" message

If you receive an error that says "Something went wrong. Double check your input." after you've entered your MailChimp API Key correctly, this generally indicates that MailChimp's API service (Akamai) is blocking your IP address as suspicious. You would need to contact MailChimp support to get things resolved.

Step 3 - Choose Your List

The MailChimp 3.0 Integration uses only one list. Select the list you would like to be associated with your website members.

Step 4 - Choose Global MailChimp Merge Tag

MemberPress will add this Tag to all new members who signup on your site and set its value to either "0" or "1". A value of "0" is set if they did not check your opt-in checkbox when signing up. If you'd like to setup a special Tag for each Membership level, (strongly recommended) follow Step 5 below.

Step 5 - Per Membership Merge Tags (Optional, but STRONGLY recommended)

The power of this integration comes from your ability to add a specific Merge Tag for each Membership level. We recommend that you create a "text" type Tag for each of your Memberships. MemberPress will set the value of these Tags to "active" when the member is active on that Membership, and "inactive" when the member is no longer active. This is a powerful way to create specific segments for your List and target only the customer's you want for your various marketing/news Campaigns.

To create a MERGE Tag in your MailChimp List for each of your Membership levels follow these instructions:

  1. Head to your List fields and MERGE tags settings for the List
  2. Create new "Text" type fields which are not required and are not visible. We recommend creating a global Tag (Ex: All Website Users), and other Tags for each Membership Level (Ex: Bronze, Silver and Gold).
  3. Lastly, you can specify the Tag to use for each Membership level when editing the Membership (under the Advanced tab)


MemberPress will update the value of your Membership-specific Merge Tags to  active or inactive depending on the status of the member's subscription to that Membership level. You can use this information to create targeted, dynamic (auto updating) segments for your List.

MemberPress also sets a value of "1" to the global Merge Tag you have defined in the MemberPress -> Options -> Marketing tab. This value may be set to a "0" if you have the opt-in checkbox enabled, and the user did NOT check that box when signing up. Think of the global Tag as a catch-all for every member on your site.

I'm confused, help!

Shoot us an email from our support page if you need any further assistance with this integration.