Configuring & Troubleshooting our Math Captcha Addon

What This Add-on Does

This add-on will allow you to add a simple math captcha field onto your MemberPress login page and registration forms that will generate a new math problem each time the page is loaded:

This will help prevent scam or bot registrations from happening on your site. However you should note that it may not prevent all scam or bot registrations - nothing is truly full proof. For additional security features on your site, please see the 'Additional Security' section found on this page

Enabling the Add-on

This add-on is very simple to use, you can simply follow this short video to activate it:

In other words, to activate this add-on, simply navigate to your WordPress Dashboard > MemberPress > Activate > Add-Ons > Math Captcha.

After you've done that, the add-on will automatically add the math captcha (as seen above) to the bottom of all of your MemberPress registration forms. 

Please note that this cannot be customized per-membership - it is set for all or none (by deactivating it) - and that it will not be applied to your other non-MemberPress forms on your site. 

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