MemberPress User Manual



Answers to our most commonly asked questions.

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Getting Started

Installation and Upgrading

How to install, activate, and upgrade MemberPress.

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Configuring Settings

Learn how to configure your Settings of MemberPress.

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Supported Payment Gateways

Learn which Payment Gateway will best fit your needs. Setup instructions included.

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Using MemberPress

Front End Pages

Learn about how you and your users can use the MemberPress front end pages.

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MemberPress License Issues

1 article

Creating and Managing Memberships

Learn all about using our MemberPress Memberships.

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Managing Members and their Subscriptions

Learn all about managing your members subscriptions.

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Protecting Content

Learn how to use MemberPress and its rules to protect your content.

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Creating and Managing Coupons

Learn all about using our MemberPress Coupons.

4 articles

Creating and Managing Reminders

Learn all about using our MemberPress Reminders.

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Creating and Managing Groups

Learn all about using our MemberPress Groups.

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Viewing Reports

Learn about what the MemberPress Reports can do for you.

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Migrating and Importing/Exporting

Learn how to migrate data and use the MemberPress Importer

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Available Shortcodes, Widgets, and Email Parameters

Learn what Shortcodes, Widgets, and Email Parameters MemberPress offers.

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Addons that were created by MemberPress for MemberPress

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Email Marketing Addons

Email Marketing Addons created by MemberPress for MemberPress.

13 articles

Third Party Integrations

Learn what third party services and plugins integrate with MemberPress.

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MemberPress Courses

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MemberPress Downloads

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Advanced Topics

Privacy (GDPR)

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Using MemberPress Developer Tools

Learn how to effectively use the MemberPress Developer Tools.

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Other Tools/Suggestions

Learn about other tools or suggestions helpful for development.

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Developer Resources

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How To FAQ's


Answers to our most commonly asked questions.

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How To

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MemberPress Courses

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