Available Classic Widgets

What are Widgets?

If you've used WordPress for longer than a day, you are probably already familiar with Widgets. If not, that's okay too. Widgets are small content blocks you can add to your theme's sidebars and sometimes other areas like headers and footers of the site.

MemberPress includes a few classic widgets you can use on your site. Using MemberPress widgets, you can help your members log in from different areas of your site, visit their account page, or view a list of their current subscriptions.

Using Widgets

There are only a few steps to add a Widget to any widget area on your site:

  • Navigate to Dashboard > Appearance -> Widgets;
  • Choose a widget from the list of available widgets and drag and drop them to the appropriate sidebar or other widget area;
  • Configure the widget settings (if any) and save changes.

Alternatively, you can also click the available widget and choose which areas to apply it to as well if you don't want to drag and drop it.

Also, with MemberPress, you can hide any widget from your unauthorized users based on the user's active subscriptions.

Note: The above-mentioned steps will work if your site uses WordPress version 5.7 or earlier. WordPress version 5.8 introduced the Block-based Widget Editor and block widgets, replacing the classic editor and widgets. If you're using the Block-based Widget Editor, please check the "MemberPress Block Widgets" document for details on available block widgets.

Available MemberPress Classic Widgets

MemberPress Login Widget

This widget places a login form for MemberPress, in one of the sidebar areas on your site. It gives you the option to edit the title and to specify whether or not you would like to redirect users to the Login Redirect URL you have set in the MemberPress Settings page after they log in. If users are already logged in, it will say, "You're already logged in," with a link to log out.

MemberPress Subscriptions Widget

This places a widget that will show a list of the current member's Subscriptions with optional links to each Membership's "Membership Access URL" setting. There are a number of message settings that can be configured here as well.

MemberPress Account Links

Places a simple widget with a link to your MemberPress Account Page and a Logout Link if the user is logged in. Currently, this widget can only be used in one Widget location in your theme. If the user is not logged in, then it shows a login page link instead.

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