How to Create a Membership Comparison or Pricing Page?

The answer to this question is quite simple actually, just create a MemberPress Group! By creating a Group in MemberPress, you will also be automatically creating a Group Pricing Page, where your users will be able to see the comparisons of the memberships that you offer. 

Another use for the Group Pricing Page would be to provide user's an easy way to see variable pricing options you may have setup. Because MemberPress Memberships do NOT currently accept more than one pricing term, if you want to offer users, for example, a yearly fee or a monthly fee for access to the same content, you have to create two separate memberships. Then, simply grant access to the same content for those two separate memberships in your rules. By then putting those two (or more) memberships into a group, you can send users to that group's Group Pricing Page where they can see and choose the offer they would like to have. 

Again, for more information regarding the creation of groups, please see this page

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