How to Deactivate a Live Payment Gateway

There may be a couple of reasons why you would want to deactivate a live payment gateway on your MemberPress site. If you find yourself wanting to deactivate a presently live gateway so that no new users signup for it, please note the following:

Do NOT delete the gateway from your MemberPress > Settings > Payments tab if there are current automatically recurring subscribers connected to it. Doing so will prevent those subscriptions from being properly updated when billed. If you have done this on accident, please see this article for help on what to do.

Now, please follow these steps to safely deactivate your payment gateway:

  1. Navigate to the MemberPress > Memberships section. 
  2. Click Edit on one of your memberships.
  3. In the Membership > Settings > Registration tab > click to enable the Customize Payment Methods option.

  4. Select all gateways you want available and make sure you leave unchecked the payment gateway(s) you want deactivated or disabled.
  5. Click the Update option on the right hand side to save this setting.
  6. Repeat for every membership.

Doing this will make it so your users cannot purchase your membership using that unchecked payment gateway.

If you are 100% sure that there are no active automatically recurring subscriptions associated with the gateway, then you can safely delete the payment gateway following these steps:

  1. Navigate to the MemberPress > Settings > Payments tab.
  2. Click the small x at the top right of your gateway option.
  3. Read through the popup message and confirm you have selected the correct gateway. 
  4. Click OK
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