How to Fix Incorrect Imports

If you imported a file that you later realized didn't have correct data and/or not all the data you needed, then you can follow these instructions to fix. 

For Users CSV Import

To update user information, all you need to do is edit the file you used at your last import. If the username and email match an existing user in your site, then it will update the user with any information in your file. Once you have made the necessary edits, simply import again from the MemberPress > Importer page.

For Subscriptions and Transactions CSV Import

Step 1 - Add the id Column Header to your Import 

The id Column updates the subscription information for the existing subscription matching the id. Start by adding id as a column header (can be at the end of existing column headers). Then, enter in the ID's that you see from the "Id" column on the MemberPress > Subscriptions and/or Transactions page, as shown here (one will say Subscription above, the other Transaction). Be sure to not leave any blank as this will create a new subscription. This field requires MemberPress Importer version 1.6.0 or newer. 

Step 2 - Add id's into the New Column Header

If you haven't had any new signups since your last import, you may be able to simply enter the first ID for the first row entry on your file and then count up from there. For example, if the first row entry happened to be your first subscription or transaction on your site, it would have an id of "1". The next would be 2, then 3, etc. If not, start with the correct number, then count up. 

It is extremely important that you double check that these id's are correct as not matching the id's correctly will result in you updating a subscription or transaction with the wrong data. 

Step 3 - Import the File(s)

After updating your file(s), simply navigate to the MemberPress > Importer, and import your file(s) as you did before. 

For Other Import Files

If you imported another CSV file not explained above, then the best option is to simply edit the data added directly in the MemberPress or WordPress settings.


If you need additional support, please contact our customer support (use the Submit Support Ticket button - login required).

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