2 Factor Authentication Integration by Plugin Contributors

This documentation will show you how to install and activate 2 factor authentication for your MemberPress site. It will also explain how to make it so that the member is required to use 2 factor authentication to be able to login.


MemberPress already has the integration built in so there isn't anything that needs to be activated within MemberPress.

First you will need to go to WordPress > Plugins > Add New page and search for "Two factor". Once the plugins pull up, you will want to install the plugin called Two-factor by Plugin Contributors:

Once installed, all you need to do is activate it and everything will be setup. 

Using 2 Factor Authentication:

Your members will now see a Two Factor Authentication menu item on their Account page:

After clicking the menu item, they will have 3 different options for 2 factor authentication: Email, Time Based One-Time Password(TOTP), and Backup Verification Codes.

Email: This option will send the member an email with a verification code each time they try to login.

Time Based One-Time Password(TOTP): This option will send a code to a device that has scanned the QR code each time the member tries to login.

Backup Verification Codes: This option creates 10 verification codes that can be saved somewhere safe in case the member needs a code to login and doesn't have a way to retrieve the other 2 options.

Note: There is also a fourth option that can show up in WP_DEBUG is set to true. It will be an option titled "Dummy Method".

Forcing Members to Use 2 Factor Authentication:

The different options above are only optional at this point but if you want to force your members to use 2 factor authentication, some code is needed to force it. You can enter this code in your functions.php file or in a plugin like the WPCode plugin (please check this article for details: How to add custom code snippets in WPCode): 

function mepr_disable_auto_login($auto_login, $membership_id, $mepr_user) {
  return false;
add_filter('mepr-auto-login', 'mepr_disable_auto_login', 3, 3);

function memberpress_two_factor_primary_provider_for_user($provider, $user_id) {
  if (empty($provider)) {
    return 'Two_Factor_Email';
  return $provider;
add_filter('two_factor_primary_provider_for_user', 'memberpress_two_factor_primary_provider_for_user', 1, 2);

function memberpress_two_factor_enabled_providers_for_user($enabled_providers, $user_ID) {
  if (!in_array('Two_Factor_Email', $enabled_providers)) {
    $enabled_providers[] = 'Two_Factor_Email';
  return $enabled_providers;
add_filter('two_factor_enabled_providers_for_user', 'memberpress_two_factor_enabled_providers_for_user', 1, 2);

Note: This code (above) will only enforce the confirmation email 2FA authentication method. The member will still have the option to enable the other methods from within their account page.

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