Why Are PayPal Transactions Not Being Recorded for My Recurring Memberships

PayPal will tie each subscription to a specific webhook. In cases when the PayPal Commerce Platform is disconnected in MemberPress settings, the webhook will be removed which will break this connection. 

Thus, if you have issues with transactions not being created in MemberPress for recurring subscriptions created through the PayPal Commerce Platform, please follow these steps to make sure everything is set correctly on your site and up to date:

  1. Make sure you are at least using MemberPress version 1.10.4 or newer.
  2. Make sure you have the correct IPN URL inserted into your PayPal account. This can be found in your PayPal account at PayPal.com > Settings > Account Settings > Website Payments > Instant Payment Notifications.
  3. Make sure the payment gateway ID matches like this for example Gateway ID Example.

If everything is set correctly, please contact MemberPress support for additional help.

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