Configuring & Troubleshooting our Corporate Accounts Addon

This add-on is included with your purchase of the Developer, Plus or Pro edition.

The MemberPress Corporate Accounts add-on enables you to specify a membership with a parent and any number of child or sub-accounts. For example if you have a corporate user and they need a membership that allows them to sign up their employees. Or if your membership is for parent and their children need to be associated with their account.


The Corporate Accounts add-on has the following requirements.

  • MemberPress 1.3+ (Developer, Plus or Pro editions)
  • MemberPress Importer add-on

Installing Corporate Accounts

To install the Corporate Accounts add-on (or any MemberPress add-on) simply go to the "Activate" menu, find the add-on and select to "Install". This will automatically download and install the add-on.

Alternatively you can also download and install the Corporate Accounts add-on here: MemberPress Add-ons

Install the Add-on


Corporate Membership

Now that the add-on is installed, next create a membership for your corporate (or parent) members to sign up for. Once this is setup every member who signs up for a membership will have the ability to add whatever number of sub-members you allow to their membership without paying. These sub-account members will have access to everything their parent corporate account member does (except for the corporate account member's account information and billing information).

To do that, create a membership just as you normally would. In the Membership Options panel, select the "Advanced" tab. Check the box "Subscribers to this Membership are Corporate Accounts" and set the number of sub-accounts allow for this membership.

Corporate Membership Options


Members with Corporate Accounts

Any member that signs up for your corporate account membership will become a parent member for this membership. After they sign-up you can manage them by editing their member profile. Near the bottom of the member's user profile you'll find the "Corporate Accounts" section. This is where you'll be able to change the limit of sub-accounts as well as easily navigate to the sub-accounts.

Corporate User Profile Options


Managing Sub-accounts

Both the WordPress Admin and the member with a corporate account can manage sub-accounts for it. As the Administrator you'll be able to manage sub-accounts by going to the user's profile and selecting the "Manage Sub Accounts" button in the "Corporate Accounts" section.

The member with the corporate account (they paying account) can manage their sub-accounts by logging into to their "Account" page, selecting the "Subscriptions" link, and then clicking the "Sub Accounts" link for the listed membership. Once there, they are able to add sub-accounts using a form, uploading via CSV or using a signup URL.

Finding Sub Accounts


Managing Sub Accounts

User Form

Add sub-accounts one-at-a-time by clicking the "Add Sub Account" button. This will display a form for the sub-account user's username and email. You also have the option of sending password and welcome emails.

Signup URL

Use the signup URL when you want to provide a public link to all the sub-account users that will allow them to sign up for the corporate/group membership. This is a useful feature when dealing with a large number of users. The link can be sent out in a mass email.

Importing Sub-accounts

Both the WordPress Admin and the corporate user can import sub-accounts.

As the WordPress Admin you can navigate to the "Import" menu. Here, select to import "Corporate Sub Accounts" from the first drop-down.

In the "Parent User" field type the username of the parent/corporate user. Once found, select it and the correct corporate membership will be automatically selected.

Finally select the CSV file of sub-accounts and upload. A sub-account will be created for each row. If a sub-account already exists, the data in the row will update the existing attributes.

The WordPress Admin import is capable of importing an unlimited number of sub-accounts ... as opposed to the import in the corporate member's account page which limits imports to 200 rows.

Import Sub Accounts As WordPress Admin


Import Sub Accounts As Corporate User


Sub Accounts CSV

The only fields needed for the CSV are:

* Username ("username")
* Email ("email")
* First name ("first_name")
* Last name ("last_name")

Here's a link to a sample corporate sub-account member import file:

Corporate Account Sub Accounts (CSV)