Configuring & Troubleshooting our Math Captcha Add-on

What This Add-on Does

This add-on will allow you to add a simple math captcha field onto your MemberPress login page and registration forms that will generate a unique math problem each time the page is loaded:

This will help prevent scam or bot registrations from happening on your site. However you should note that it may not prevent all scam or bot registrations - nothing is truly full proof. For additional security features on your site, please see the 'Additional Security' section found on this page

Video Tutorial

In this short video, you'll see how to enable the add-on and what it looks like:

In other words, to activate this add-on, simply navigate to your WordPress Dashboard > MemberPress > Activate > Add-Ons > Math Captcha.

After you've done that, the add-on will automatically add the math captcha (as seen above) to the bottom of all of your MemberPress registration forms. 

Please note that this cannot be customized per-membership - it is set for all or none (by deactivating it) - and that it will not be applied to your other non-MemberPress forms on your site. 

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